Don’t panic about dengue


Dengue viral fever. The virus is spread from person to person through Aedes mosquitoes. Dengue is spreading again with panic. People of all ages, including children, are being infected with the dengue virus across the country, including the capital. However, it is known that children are being affected more. Many children have also died of dengue fever. Newspapers have reported the deaths of several people, including women and children, in dengue. However, we need to raise awareness on dengue prevention without panic. If someone is infected with dengue, he needs to be treated quickly and properly.
Like other viral diseases, there is no direct cure for dengue fever, no vaccine. Like dengue, the Chikungunya virus is also transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. Last year, there were outbreaks of dengue as well as Chikungunya virus in different parts of the country including Dhaka. Patients with chikungunya suddenly develop a high fever and severe body aches.

Experts believe that the stagnation of mosquito eradication activities, lack of guidelines and lack of awareness among the people are mainly responsible for the increase in dengue outbreaks. Occasionally in the rain, the dengue-carrying Aedes mosquito larvae increase their fertility to a very high level. This led to the spread of Aedes mosquitoes. As the number of Aedes mosquitoes increases, so will the rate of dengue. To reduce the incidence of dengue, the source of mosquitoes must be destroyed. Reducing the source of mosquitoes will greatly reduce the risk of dengue.

There are two types of dengue fever called classical and hemorrhagic fever. Of these, hemorrhagic fever is more severe. Measures should be taken to prevent Aedes mosquitoes from biting to prevent the severity of the fever. Mosquito extermination and cleaning activities should be intensified in all parts of the country including the capital. Aedes mosquitoes lay their eggs in clear and clean water. Therefore, in order to prevent dengue, the places suitable for laying Aedes mosquitoes should be drained and kept clean.

The two city corporations of Dhaka need to intensify their efforts to eradicate Aedes mosquitoes and prevent the spread of Aedes. Besides, we have to work to create public awareness for dengue prevention. People need to be informed about the early symptoms of dengue. Special measures should be taken to identify and treat dengue in government hospitals in the capital and district and upazila headquarters by raising awareness about what to do in case of dengue. Only then is it possible to prevent dengue.

The demand and expectation of the city dwellers is to prevent the spread of Aedes mosquitoes as soon as possible and to destroy the mosquitoes, to provide proper medical care to the victims and to protect the people from dengue panic.

Safiullah Ansari: Media worker

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