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Saudi Arabia lifts curfew


Online desk-_However, the curfew will not be lifted in the holy city of Makkah
The Saudi government has announced that it will lift the 24-hour curfew imposed on June 21 to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, the Saudi government has said it will not lift the curfew in the holy city of Mecca.

The Saudi government said a curfew would be in place in Makkah from June 21 from 3pm to 6am. Earlier, the Saudi government eased curfew during Ramadan. But a 24-hour curfew was again imposed in the country during the Eid holidays.

It is learned that domestic travel, government and private offices and mosques will be opened in Saudi Arabia from May 31.

According to WorldOmiter, 84,795 people have been infected with corona in Saudi Arabia so far. 399 people died.

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